Reba McEntire —> actor, musician, prolific chicken finger tweeter. That time she posted a picture of a half eaten chicken finger. Twitter: @reba Twitter: @reba That time she was arguing with her hair stylist about what kind of slutty to be. Twitter: @reba That time that she called her fans “Tweebas.” Twitter: @reba That time […]

Break me off a piece of that W-T-F. These monsters live among us. They lurk in the shadows and strike when you least expect it. rebeccahaneywriter / Via JUST LOOK AT THIS MASSACRE. ickylettuce / Via Everyone, hide your loved ones because there are people out here biting into Kit-Kats like this. […]

Charlie Puth’s new video for his funky hit-in-the-making “How Long” takes the adage “Dance like nobody’s watching” to crazy new heights. Literally. In the Emil Nava-directed video, released on Thursday (October 19), Puth grooves down the sidewalk, jigs in a lobby, struts up the side of a building, and shows off his fancy footwork in […]

A journalist apparently responsible for the reporting in the piece has also distanced herself from it. Today’s Evening Standard Magazine has a cover story about Grammy-winning singer Solange Knowles. She accused the magazine of photoshopping out part of her braided crown. / Via Solange responded to the cover’s publication by highlighting the missing […]